A totally safe powerful bactericide disinfectant
non foaming - non irritating

dsogerme nmi agriculture




DESOGERME NMI Agriculture has an expensive bacterial spectrum (Gram positive and negative).

DESOGERME NMI Agriculture, without odour, does not irritate sensitive mucous membranes and does not antagonise the staff.

DESOGERME NMI Agriculture can be used under pressure in the circuit, because it does not produce any foam.

The specific composition of DESOGERME NMI Agriculture allows to use it with a perfect result each time that quaternary ammonium are prohibited (dairy and cheese industries) when they can have harmful consequences (wine industries) or when it is essential to use a no noxious disinfectant.

DESOGERME NMI Agriculture guarantees the healthiness of every area where it is used.




  Disinfecting, deodorization of premises for animal food preparation ; floors, walls, work-desks, displays, fridges, cold rooms...


  Disinfecting, deodorization of vehicles and food transport equipment for domestic animals.


  Disinfecting, deodorization of milk tanks, devices, pipes, tanks, transfer (from 15 to 45 min. per washing or circulation).

  Disinfecting, deodorization by contact of tanks, reservoirs, metallic tanks, concrete, tuns and wood barrels, wine bottling chains.


End Users


  Agriculture : breeders, milk producers, milk or wine co-operatives, farmers groups, stud farms, kennels...


  Industries : every food and wine industries, dairy and cheese industries, fresh dairy products, canning industries, salting industries, biscuit, bottle or cooked dish industries, drink industries (brewing industries, cider factories).


  Craftsmen, shopkeepers : butter-eggs-cheeses' carriers, fish farmers, butchers...


  Use by washing, soaking, circulation, pulverising or spraying with our adapted equipment.

Instructions for Use


  Dilute from 1 to 2% in ordinary water (1 to 2 L/100 L or 1 to 2 glasses/10 L).


Properties and Safety


  Colourless and odourless liquid.


  No flammable, no volatile.


  Powerful microbicide.


  No irritation, no foaming.


  LD 50 >.15000 mg / Kg (for rat orally).


  Primary skin irritation at 10% : no irritating.


  Contains 40 g/L of chlorhydrate of poly imino imido... biguanidine.


  The components of DESOGERME NMI are in the product list of the modified French departmental order of 27.10.75, concerning the cleaning products of equipment which may come into contact with food products.


  Conform to AFNOR disinfecting standard NFT 72-170 (1%).


  Registration by the French Ministry of Agriculture
no 7700030 (2 L/HL).




The content of this document does not commit us with respect to the application, which can be made of the product. Taking into account the fact that many parameters do not depend on us, the directions for use are only recommendations. It is up to the end users to adapt the directions for use to each particular case.